Learning through play with My Bubba Box



I am constantly looking for new activities and toys which encourage my children to learn and grow (which I usually share on Instagram found here).  Being baby number three, Miller has received many hand me downs and toys are no exception.  The majority of his toys and books, while still played with and loved, are at least four years old.  So when I heard about My Bubba Box, I knew I needed it for Miller.

My Bubba Box offer developmental toy subscription boxes for babies and toddlers.  They have done all the hard work in finding, sourcing then delivering amazing items your little one will love.  Every item in the box has been carefully selected with objects that will encourage development and play.  Boxes are designed to engage and be used for at least three months, hence quarterly subscriptions are offered.  One off boxes can also be purchased as gifts or if you wanted to try it out before committing to the subscription.  With this option, you can choose certain colours or objects, book titles, etc. so you can tailor it to the lucky receiver.

IMG_4475I was so impressed when I opened Miller’s box – everything there was beautifully curated, age appropriate and of amazing quality.  Even though I have been a mother for 6 years and like to think I am on top of the new educational products on the market, there were some items in our box I had never heard of and which Miller took an instant liking to.  He immediately took to the black and white book and stares at each page for at least a few minutes.  Grace loves the using the puppet to talk to Miller, using her monkey voice when playing it and I like the stroller cards, which provide beautiful pictures for Miller to look at and corresponding questions.  We also received a handy teether, teeth wipes a lovely comforter in the box.  Included is also a list of ideas of how to use the items in the box together with your little one, how it will help them develop and why it is good for their targeted age.IMG_4518We can’t wait to see what we receive in our next box!  Oh and did I mention that shipping is free?  So gone are the days of you finding great toys online but being put off by the extreme shipping expense!  My Bubba Box not only saves you time in researching the best developmental toys for your little one, but money as well!

We love My Bubba Box so much that we’ve teamed up with them to give littleblueliving readers a $15 discount code!  These boxes make great gifts too (handy, with Christmas just around the corner!).  Just enter “LITTLEBLUELIVING” to save yourself $15!



Our FirstBIKE review!


Since we taught Grace how to ride a bike when she was four years old, Joel and I thought that we should start Xavier earlier and so bought him a bike when he just turned two. After some research, we bought him one with a parent handle so we could assist him with steering and also push him, if needed.

Eight months later, Xavier still struggled with the concept of pushing the pedals and steering was a disaster. Since we mostly pushed him, he felt like he needed to do something and consequently moved the handlebars in all sorts of directions. We finally gave up and encouraged him to use his scooter when we went on walks or strolled down to the park.

We then learned about FirstBike. We had heard about balance bikes but, for some reason, didn’t really consider it. After our failed attempt with Xavier, we decided to give FirstBike a try.

Xavier was so excited when he received his new bike. We were able to customise it so it fit his current taste (since it’s always changing!) and so his bike is black and blue (his favourite colours), there is a cute little blue mouse as his bell and a basket for him to place his water bottle and other collectables he found at the park (we never leave the park without flowers and rocks!). Joel and I also liked it because it was lightweight, the frame is a high tech composite (not wood or metal which is prone to rust, splinter or scratch), there were brakes so Xavier could learn how to stop safely and the tyres were high quality.

::Xavier now has a place to put his water bottle! (he previously put it in Grace’s bike basket, which he didn’t like)::


::X man loves the cute mouse bell::


Best of all, it was easy for X man to ride. He surprised us by being able to steer the bike around the driveway, and even move quite quickly. He has also started to balance on it really well and ride down little hills without his feet touching the ground. We think he’ll be able to go onto a proper bike without training wheels after the Summer break because he’s been able to learn this skill on his FirstBike.

::Catching up to Grace::


::Details close up::



It’s always a great feeling to see your child gain confidence in a new skill!

Thank you, FirstBike for sponsoring this post.  Collaboration supported by Shopping Links

Why we love Daddy


Here is our belated post on Father’s Day!  Grace’s primary teacher encouraged her to write down why she believes her Dad is the best and here are her answers:

My favourite memory of my dad is: him helping me

This is what he ALWAYS says: stop

Here is his favourite thing to eat: [Grace drew a picture of a cake]

My dad’s pockets are full of: wallet, phone and keys

My dad is 15 year’s old

When he comes home from work, he likes to: work on the computer

This makes my dad laugh: my funny faces

I had to laugh at her honest answers.  Joel does say ‘stop’ a lot, but mostly to X man as he does something cheeky!  I also asked X man why he loves his Daddy and the conversation went something like this:

“Hey X man, why do you love Daddy?”


“Coz why?”

“Just coz, Mama”

“But why do you love Daddy?”

[fart noise]

“I fluffed, mum”

“X man – why do you love Daddy?”

“Hehe… it’s stinky”

I gave up after that.

For gifts, the children both chose a book each (about Dads, of course) which they presented to their Daddy.  These books have already been read numerous times!  We also got him a Frankie watch from JORD watches and it seems like a hit!  I have known Joel for almost 12 years and he has never worn a watch but he recently mentioned that he would like one.  He seemed to like my unisex JORD watch because not only is it very light, it is extremely versatile.  Since receiving his JORD watch (we let him open this gift early since he was eager to receive it!), not only does it suit him but he’s worn it every day!

So Happy Father’s Day, Joel – we love you very much xx

This post was sponsored by JORD watches

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Making mooncakes


I love celebrating our cultural festivals with my family and sharing it’s importance with my children.  One of my favourite festivals is the Mooncake Festival, celebrated on the night of a full moon.  It’s also known as the mid-Autumn festival but although it occurs in Spring here in Australia, it doesn’t mean we can make and eat delicious mooncakes!

I have some fond memories of my mum and Grandmother making mooncakes in the kitchen.  In those days, they used the traditional wooden molds which they would have to hit on a chopping board to move the cake then carefully take it out.  I clearly remember the sound of the molds hitting the wooden board while trying to do homework upstairs!  Now, they have molds which make it easier to ‘press’ out.  My Grandmother is known for her mooncakes – she used to sell them to restaurants around Melbourne but now she’s older, she only makes it for family and friends.  There are three types of mooncakes they make – one with the egg yolk inside, the lotus mooncake and another with lots of seeds and nuts.

The other day, I took the kids to watch their Po Po (Grandmother) and Tai Po (Great-Grandmother) make mooncakes.  The entire process is so methodical.  Both the skin and filling needs to be weighed to ensure it fits the mold perfectly.  They had already finished making the lotus ones and were onto the nuts and seed cakes.  Grace and X man were so impressed by the process, with X man wanting to have a turn as well!

Screen shot 2016-08-17 at 8.28.24 PMIMG_4786IMG_4824IMG_4829IMG_4841IMG_4847Screen shot 2016-09-01 at 8.17.53 PMIMG_4774IMG_9662IMG_9720

This year’s mooncake festival falls on September 15th…

but we’ve been eating these yummy cakes for the past few weeks now =)

A Winter day by the beach

We’ve had some busy weekends lately so when we had a relatively free weekend come up, we took the opportunity to spend it with family.  We drove down to the Grandparentals who live near the beach, watched a little of the Opening Ceremony (anyone else get emotional when the Refugee team came out???  That was beautiful!!), ate some freshly made chocolate cake, blueberry muffins and soup then set off to visit the beach.

The weather was just perfect for a Winter day.  There was no wind so it was actually quite pleasant.  The kids ran straight to the water (we had to convince them to roll up their jeans!) and they would have stayed there for hours if we had let them.  Grace was happy collecting and washing shells while X man just jumped around and threw things in the sea (insert ‘I give up’ face emoji).

Grandma then treated the kiddos at the Sweet Shop (a very limited supply!) and then we had some afternoon tea at the local cafe.  It was one of those days you wish you could have every weekend.

 And now for some photos…

IMG_4553IMG_4591Screen shot 2016-08-08 at 8.58.54 PMIMG_4578IMG_4612IMG_4618IMG_4605IMG_4624IMG_4567IMG_4604Screen shot 2016-08-08 at 8.59.26 PMIMG_4637

IMG_4640Screen shot 2016-08-08 at 9.01.52 PMIMG_4678IMG_4698

A visit to Jurassic World (and some tips!)

We recently visited Jurassic World at Melbourne Museum!  It was so well done – the dinosaurs were so realistic!  The way they moved, roared, looked.. it was incredible.

After the exhibit (it only goes for 20 minutes), we explored parts of the museum we haven’t really spent much time in.  There were extra activities placed around the building, such as colouring stations, ‘touch and feel’ stalls – it was really well planned and thought out.  And now for some photos (with some tips at the end)…


Some tips…

  1. Book online – you can prepay your tickets and bypass the long queues (especially in during the school holidays)
  2. Organise parking – if you book online, you can save up to 40%.  Tickets to the exhibit include entry to the museum and you could easily spend a day in there.
  3. Consider your children’s ages – X man is almost three and he assured me that he wouldn’t be scared.  Once inside, though, despite Grace reiterating that the dinosaurs weren’t real, he was a little scared.  Not too scared to cause nightmares at night, but he did cling to me the entire time we were in the exhibit.

If you haven’t already been to see the dinosaurs, we highly recommend it!

Riding the Teddy Bear Picnic train!

We have had the long weekend here in Victoria (thank you, Queen Elizabeth!!) and so today, we decided to take the kids to ride the Teddy Bear picnic train down at Diamond Valley Railway with some friends.  Grace and Xavier were so excited to go on the miniature locomotives and since this morning, kept on asking if it was time to go!

Despite difficult parking and a long queue (it was very busy!) the kids were so happy.  Rides are only $3 but because of the teddy bear picnic theme, children who brought a teddy (or soft toy… X man brought Sully) were able to ride for free!  The volunteers did a great job decorating the trains.  They even had little bears placed along the track so the kids loved spotting the two big bears sitting on the benches, the little bears having a tea party and other bears scattered along the way.


Thanks to the team down at Diamond Valley Railway.

You made many little people (and big people!) happy today!