Our pantry


If you have been following me over on Instagram for a while, you will know that I have been on a de-cluttering journey since the start of the year.  I have slowly removed items in our home (usually 10 things a day) that we no longer need, no longer use and have either given it to friends, charity, sold or binned them (our last option).  I have almost completed all the rooms in the house but have deliberately left the pantry and laundry till last.

After 7 long weeks, I finally finished the pantry.  While I had previously cleaned my pantry numerous times, this particular time I wanted to be able to create a system that worked for our family.  I wanted to reduce the wastage as well, as I often found additional bags of food I didn’t know I had (and had since bought more) or items I had completely forgotten about and was now way past its due date. I had the top two shelves of my pantry the way I wanted (the cans and spices on the top shelf and modular containers on the second), but the rest I needed help with.


For my middle shelf, I came up with the idea to section it.  I now have a breakfast cereal corner, an oil and sauces corner then trays for hot drinks (teas, hot chocolates, etc.) and spreads (peanut butter, honey, etc.).


With our bottom shelf, I wanted snacks easily accessible so the kids can grab a healthy bite to eat whenever they wanted.  I found stackable shelves at Kmart so immediately grabbed four of them.  I also have other favourite snacks next to them.


I’m lucky our shelves are deep so behind the trays and containers, I have my supply e.g. bags of flour, sugar, extra sauces, snacks. etc.  This has made it easier for me to figure out what I need to buy.


I know it’s not a very pretty pantry, but it’s a real pantry and it’s our pantry which works for us.  Hopefully it’s given you a few ideas on what could work for you x



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