Learning through play with My Bubba Box



I am constantly looking for new activities and toys which encourage my children to learn and grow (which I usually share on Instagram found here).  Being baby number three, Miller has received many hand me downs and toys are no exception.  The majority of his toys and books, while still played with and loved, are at least four years old.  So when I heard about My Bubba Box, I knew I needed it for Miller.

My Bubba Box offer developmental toy subscription boxes for babies and toddlers.  They have done all the hard work in finding, sourcing then delivering amazing items your little one will love.  Every item in the box has been carefully selected with objects that will encourage development and play.  Boxes are designed to engage and be used for at least three months, hence quarterly subscriptions are offered.  One off boxes can also be purchased as gifts or if you wanted to try it out before committing to the subscription.  With this option, you can choose certain colours or objects, book titles, etc. so you can tailor it to the lucky receiver.

IMG_4475I was so impressed when I opened Miller’s box – everything there was beautifully curated, age appropriate and of amazing quality.  Even though I have been a mother for 6 years and like to think I am on top of the new educational products on the market, there were some items in our box I had never heard of and which Miller took an instant liking to.  He immediately took to the black and white book and stares at each page for at least a few minutes.  Grace loves the using the puppet to talk to Miller, using her monkey voice when playing it and I like the stroller cards, which provide beautiful pictures for Miller to look at and corresponding questions.  We also received a handy teether, teeth wipes a lovely comforter in the box.  Included is also a list of ideas of how to use the items in the box together with your little one, how it will help them develop and why it is good for their targeted age.IMG_4518We can’t wait to see what we receive in our next box!  Oh and did I mention that shipping is free?  So gone are the days of you finding great toys online but being put off by the extreme shipping expense!  My Bubba Box not only saves you time in researching the best developmental toys for your little one, but money as well!

We love My Bubba Box so much that we’ve teamed up with them to give littleblueliving readers a $15 discount code!  These boxes make great gifts too (handy, with Christmas just around the corner!).  Just enter “LITTLEBLUELIVING” to save yourself $15!



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