Three healthy lunchbox treats

I feel like I am constantly trying to mix the snacks and lunchboxes up, even though we only have one child at school at the moment.  That being said, we do pack two lunchboxes three times a week and I cannot leave the house without a bag full of snacks up my sleeve.  While I do ensure there is always fruit and vegetables in their diet (dried fruit are always in snack cups in my bag!), I do like to add treats as a special surprise (or for sneaky bribes… come on, we all need to have something up our sleeves!).  So here are three healthy lunchbox treats that I try to have on hand:

  1. Chocolate chip oat cookies (recipe found here)


Since Miller cannot have dairy (it makes his small intestines bleed so I’m very careful about it!) this is my go to recipe for cookies.  I buy the dairy free chocolate chips from Costco, nuttlex and coconut sugar are used and voila!  A healthy and delicious treat (which is usually gone within a day!).

2) Nut free bliss balls (recipe found here)

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 8.28.57 PM

These balls are better straight from the fridge but it is still a healthy treat that my kids and I enjoy to eat.  They are nut free and packed full of the good stuff.

3) The chocolate Yogi chocolates (Oscar the orangutan is a favourite!)


Chocolate is always an exciting treat to see when you open your lunchbox so we sometimes sneak them in.  Oscar the Orangutan from the Chocolate Yogi is completely dairy free with coconut sugar and raw cacao.  It’s the perfect snack size (15g), you can buy it in bulk (and you can earn a discount coupon by spinning the Chocolate Yogi fun wheel so it could be cheaper) and 5c from every bar sold goes to the Orangutan project.


A delicious, healthy snack that supports a good cause?  Yep, clearly a winner.


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