Our current baking list


We have been baking up a storm lately.  Now that Easter has passed, we will not have as many Hot Cross Buns or Easter cookies in rotation but there is still a solid list we go through on a regular basis.

Many of the recipes below are ‘all in one’ cakes, where we just chuck all the ingredients in before mixing it now that Xavier is quite the avid baker.  He always wants to help put the ingredients in the bowl (which has also helped with his numbers recognition as we use a Thermomix and thus go by weight) and of course, assist with ‘cleaning’ the bowl by eating the remaining batter stuck to the blades and sides.  It’s really cute to see how proud he is when he does most of the baking himself (it does get messy and I do help out when the containers are full) and to see him happily announce to his Dad and sister that their morning tea for the next day is courtesy of him does make my heart melt!

We have made a few variations to the below recipes (usually reducing the sugar amount, replacing raw sugar with coconut sugar, making it dairy free, etc.) so I’ve added links and our little variations for those who are interested.

Banana and chocolate chip muffins

Recipe found here.  We are constantly baking these babies and now that I’m trying to get rid of all the Easter chocolate in our house, I usually throw in a handful of Easter eggs before we start the recipe, get thermie to chop them up for me then add the chocolate chunks when required.  Other changes we make is using nuttlex and rice milk (I buy the 1kg tubs of Nuttlex from Costco since we bake so much) and do the mixing all at once i.e. don’t move ingredients into separate bowls after mixing.


Apple Cake

Recipe found here.    We like having other fruit cakes on our list and this one is a winner.  We don’t bother with the cinnamon topping, rather, add 2tsp cinnamon to the cake batter.  We half the sugar and use coconut sugar, nuttlex and rice milk.  Finally, we don’t always use apples in this recipe – we have used pear and it’s just as tasty.

Chocolate crackle

Recipe found here.  Sometimes I crave something sweet and crunchy and this seems to hit the spot.  We just use a mixing bowl then mix all the ingredients altogether.

Chocolate chip cookies

I’ll be making more of these cookies to get rid of leftover Easter eggs (seriously… we didn’t buy many this year but we have so many in the house!).  It’s our own recipe (found here on the blog) and the cookies always a hit during kinder morning teas.


Chocolate Cake

This recipe yields a very moist cake.  Sometimes we make them in muffin tins (reduces oven time) and other times X man wants to do a cake (he likes to choose which tin we use – square, round or heart shaped.  Let’s just say our heart shaped tin gets a work out).  Again, we use nuttlex, cacao, rice milk and coconut sugar, reducing the sugar amount by two-thirds.

We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

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