Our Montessori inspired activity shelf – 3.5 year old


Now that Grace has commenced school, I have not prepared as many learning activities for her at home since she returns home quite tired and any energy she does have for learning we put towards reading.  Consequently, our Montessori inspired activity shelf now contains  activities predominantly for X man, who is almost 3.5 years old.  That’s not to say that Grace does not do any jobs from the shelf – she goes back to the Lego activity, block shape activity and letter puzzle every now and then.  I try to rotate the jobs on the shelf based on what the children go back to or what their current interests are.  So here are the activities in more detail…


Hammer and screwdriver set – X man loves to fix stuff so he goes back to this job time and time again

Coloured popsicle stick patterns – I used the free printables from Playdough to plato and the kids replicate the patterns using popsicle sticks.  You may remember this activity on my Instagram page here.

Hanging clothes on line using pegs – I bought the clothes line on eBay, although you can easily make your own using string and a shoe box.  One bowl has pegs and the other has little felt clothes.  This is definitely a favourite job!

Musical instruments – This basket seems to live on this shelf as it always gets played with!

Sandpaper letters – I bought these off Amazon and I rotate between lowercase and uppercase

Make alphabet letters using Lego – I recently took this job out again for Xavier after putting it away once Grace did not play with is but she now goes back to it every so often.  You may remember this activity on my Instagram page here.  This is another great free printable from Playdough to plato


Spelling puzzle – a great Melissa and Doug puzzle where you spell simple words using wooden letters

Shape halves puzzle – this was a favourite of Grace’s for a long time and now X man tries to do it.  It’s still a bit difficult but he seems to like it!

Block shape patterns activity – There are four level of cards where the child replicates patterns using certain blocks.  I actually bought this for my nephew 6 years ago which he kindly handed down to us when he and his siblings grew out of it!

6-way farm animal cube puzzle – another favourite puzzle the kids constantly go back to!

Beehive puzzle – the aim of the activity is to use the wooden tweezers to put bees in their corresponding hive colour.  It’s too easy for X man but he seems to enjoy it so it has remained on the shelf

Craft copying activity – jeans – we received this activity pack from the children’s childcare educator.  Basically they have to replicate the picture using a piece of material, scissors, glue and a black marker

And there you have it!  Our current Montessori inspired activity shelf for a 3.5 year old!  You can see our previous shelves here and here.


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