Paper dolls and Vogue Kit

A few weeks ago, Grace and I sat down and read some books together, including ‘The Paper Dolls‘ by Julia Donaldson, who wrote the children classic, ‘The Gruffalo.’  It’s a beautiful story of a little girl who makes a set of paper dolls and has a fun time playing with them.  It ends with the same little girl grown up as a mother, making paper dolls with her daughter and then watching her happily play with them.

Reading it was so nostalgic for me, as memories of making paper dolls then playing them filled my memory.  Grace immediately loved the idea of making paper dolls so luckily, we had some kindly sent to us from the team over at Vogue Kit so Grace eagerly opened them up and played with them for hours.  It comes with two dolls with many outfits so we had fun pretending to have different functions, outings and appointments to go to which required a change in clothes!

The dolls are made out of are cardboard so after a few days of play, Grace needed to open a new packet of dolls so the tags on the clothes would stay on.  However, Grace absolutely loves them.  I also like them because the outfits aren’t skimpy – something I dislike about some dolls and their outfits.  They also easily fit in a little zip lock bag so they are compact and transportable – a great ‘go-to’ toy for on the go.


So if you’re in need for Christmas stocking filler ideas, these will definitely be a hit!  You can also score free shipping with the code “DRESS” at checkout!

Thank you, Vogue Kit  for sponsoring this post.

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