My organised bag with Bellhop files!


If your kids are like mine, when they are hungry, bored or thirsty and we are not at home, they go straight to my bag.  There, they know they’ll find exactly what they are looking for.  They know where the snacks will be, the games and the drink bottles.

I moved from baby bags to regular bags once Xavier turned one but I don’t have just one ‘go-to’ bag – I actually have four!  My first bag is my large, black tote.  There is only a zip pocket which I usually keep my phones (work and personal) and keys easily accessible.  If we are out and about and I know I’ll need both hands free, I use my backpack which can fit two large Tupperware divided lunchboxes as well as our other essentials.  My third bag is my work bag and my fourth, is a medium sized brown leather tote.

My kids and I know where everything is because we use our Bellhop files.  I ordered mine with two friends and we all went in for a friend’s baby shower present (to be included in the baby bag we also gifted her).  At her baby shower, our friend opened her gifts in front of friends and family and she when opened our gift, I kid you not, everyone was impressed by the simple, yet extremely functional design!

Essentially, Bellhop files are four zipped mesh files with tabs at the top so you can easily identify which file contains what.  All files are clipped onto a handy carabiner clip so you can quickly remove files if needed.  When my Mum or MIL take the kids, I just give them the ‘snacks’ file (which I top up every night before bed) and the ‘essentials’ file (which contain bandaids, wet wipes, sunscreen, tissues and hand sanitizer).  There is no need for them to lug around a baby bag, they just take the two files and slip them easily into their own bags. When Xavier wasn’t toilet trained and needed to be changed, I could easily unclip the ‘change’ file and go to the restrooms without taking my entire bag.  I still have a ‘change’ file and keep spare clothes for X man and my fourth file contains travel sized games, handy when in waiting rooms or when traveling long distances. Either way, it’s so easy for me to change between my four bags because everything is already packed and organised.

Grace can read the tabs but X man just looks through the mesh part of the files and easily finds what he’s looking for.  As you will see below, I keep my phone, keys and wallet in my pouch so absolutely everything has a home (Marie Kondo has changed my life!!).  It’s the little things in life that make me feel more in control… like having an organised bag! (Scroll down below for your exclusive discount code and a chance to win a set of files for yourself!)

And now for some photos from our Sunday afternoon…

::aaah sunshine… you’re supposed to be out more often now it’s Spring!::


::park play::


::what’s in the bag!::


::the kids always get excited when it’s snack time!::img_6753


We love Bellhop files so much, we’ve decided to offer all LittleBlueLiving readers an exclusive 20% discount code!  Just enter ‘LITTLEBLUE20’ at checkout!  Please note that the discount code expires 31st October 2016.

We also want to giveaway one set of Bellhop files files to a lucky reader!  Stay tuned to our Instagram tomorrow for details!  Xx


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