Our FirstBIKE review!


Since we taught Grace how to ride a bike when she was four years old, Joel and I thought that we should start Xavier earlier and so bought him a bike when he just turned two. After some research, we bought him one with a parent handle so we could assist him with steering and also push him, if needed.

Eight months later, Xavier still struggled with the concept of pushing the pedals and steering was a disaster. Since we mostly pushed him, he felt like he needed to do something and consequently moved the handlebars in all sorts of directions. We finally gave up and encouraged him to use his scooter when we went on walks or strolled down to the park.

We then learned about FirstBike. We had heard about balance bikes but, for some reason, didn’t really consider it. After our failed attempt with Xavier, we decided to give FirstBike a try.

Xavier was so excited when he received his new bike. We were able to customise it so it fit his current taste (since it’s always changing!) and so his bike is black and blue (his favourite colours), there is a cute little blue mouse as his bell and a basket for him to place his water bottle and other collectables he found at the park (we never leave the park without flowers and rocks!). Joel and I also liked it because it was lightweight, the frame is a high tech composite (not wood or metal which is prone to rust, splinter or scratch), there were brakes so Xavier could learn how to stop safely and the tyres were high quality.

::Xavier now has a place to put his water bottle! (he previously put it in Grace’s bike basket, which he didn’t like)::


::X man loves the cute mouse bell::


Best of all, it was easy for X man to ride. He surprised us by being able to steer the bike around the driveway, and even move quite quickly. He has also started to balance on it really well and ride down little hills without his feet touching the ground. We think he’ll be able to go onto a proper bike without training wheels after the Summer break because he’s been able to learn this skill on his FirstBike.

::Catching up to Grace::


::Details close up::



It’s always a great feeling to see your child gain confidence in a new skill!

Thank you, FirstBike for sponsoring this post.  Collaboration supported by Shopping Links

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