Our ABC Reading Eggs review


During our last parent-teacher interview for Grace, her kindergarten teachers asked what we were doing to encourage and promote reading in our home.  I went on to explain what games I had found on Pinterest, how we read to the children every night along with other activities.  They then suggested some great simple word games and then asked if we had subscribed to ABC Reading Eggs.  When I answered that we were yet to try it, they highly recommended it.  Grace’s teachers went on to explain that they find children who play it regularly often recognise letters, words and even phrases when they go through it in the classroom.

I have so much respect for Grace’s kinder teachers (they really are so fantastic) so I researched ABC Reading Eggs that night.  There are many positive reviews out there so I signed up to a two-week trial to see if it was worth subscribing to.  The free trial includes ABC Reading Eggs , ABC Reading Eggspress (for older kids) and ABC MathSeeds,and you can sign all your children up to it at no extra cost!


The next day and while Grace was at kinder, I set up ABC Reading Eggs and ABC Math Seeds for Xavier next to me while I answered a few work emails (oh the joys of part time work!).  I thought if X man played with it for 10 minutes, that was great for a two year old (he turns three in two months time).  Almost thirty minutes later (changing between the two programs) Xavier was still playing!  I could not believe he was engaged in an educational program for that long!  Further, I was pleasantly surprised to see him recognise letters and numbers so quickly.

Grace tried it out a few days later.  Since she already has a reader and is doing addition at kinder, I appreciated that Grace could do a placement test at the start of ABC Reading Eggs to determine which level she should begin at i.e. not start at the very beginning which suited Xavier just fine.  From there, Grace was fully engaged for a good forty minutes.  She progressed through the levels quickly and every time she achieved a new level, she got so excited.  I loved seeing her motivation and eagerness to continue.

We are now at a stage where my children ask to play ABC Reading Eggs and ABC MathSeeds.  Sometimes they aren’t engaged for a long period of time but once they are finished with one program, they usually go on to the other which is why Xavier can easily play for 20 minutes and Grace 45 minutes.  I love how it’s interactive, it’s engaging and most of all, it’s educational.  Xavier already recognises words… it’s amazing.  I have consequently decided to team up with ABC Reading Eggs and provide Little Blue Living readers a 5 week trial of both ABC Reading Eggs and ABC MathSeeds so you can determine if it’s right for your child(ren) before you subscribe.  Although if your children are like mine, I know they’ll love it!

Click here for your free 5 week trial of ABC Reading Eggs!

Please note that this offer is available to new customers only residing in Australia and New Zealand and expires 31st August 2016.

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