Keeping our photos safe


I love taking photos.  I’m definitely not a photographer, but I do take photos.  I started taking photos about five years ago, when I started my personal blog/journal.  I am still learning, but what I now know that practice definitely improves photos and when it comes to kids, take as many photos as you can!

I consequently have thousands of photos.  For a while, they fit on my computer but then it quickly filled up.  These photos are so important to us – each one shares a story, reminds us of particular time in our life.  Over the years, I’ve figured out what works well for me, and what helps keep our memories safe and secure:

1) Back up your photos in a regular basis

Backing up is one of those ‘chores’ that used to be on the bottom of my ‘to-do’ list but like most things that need to be done, if done frequently, it’s not so painful.  I consequently block out the first Monday every three months (I have a reminder on my phone) and back up my photos.  Not only does it clear my phone and computer drive, it’s just a nice feeling… like when cleaning your handbag, desk or even house!

2) Delete the photos do you do not want

An easy tip but one I’m not good at.  You know those screenshots, those photos other people send you of things and places you don’t really need to keep?  Delete them.  Not only does it give you more space on your phone, when you do get around to backing up your photos, you won’t have to delete then ones you don’t want because you would have already done that!

3) Have two sources of back up

My first source of back up is my hard drive.  I currently have a 1 terabyte drive and it is doing it’s job very well!  The second source I have is online.  I used to have dropbox but it wasn’t big enough without upgrading.  When the team at Apertura reached out, I grabbed the opportunity!

Their app collects all your photos but not just from your phone but from old computers, new computers, smart phones and storage devices.  What makes it great, is that once all the photos are uploaded onto the app, they can be easily accessed on your computer, tablet or smart phone, as long as you have the app downloaded!  It takes a while to upload all the photos to the app (I’m yet to upload all mine!), but it is really nice to have my photos organised and for my family and I to be able to view any photo, any time.  You can choose options such as only uploading ‘favourite’ photos, to not upload screenshots, etc. or for Aperutra to automatically upload photos whenever the app is running.  So now, all I have to do is backup my camera photos… I don’t have to worry about the ones on my phone which is one less thing for me to do!

Hope you found these tips useful… they have worked well for us so far x


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