Date nights


Like most couples, Date Night isn’t very high on the priority list with the busy schedules of each family member.  With little ones, however, you have the added pressure to find someone to babysit them so you and your partner can spend some alone time outside of the house.

We’ve had some childcare issues the past few months so we have been relying on both our fantastic family and friends.  Joel and I consequently haven’t haven’t had the opportunity for a night out for months since we feel bad for continually asking our loved ones.

We recently came across My Super Nanny, which connects parents with available Nannies.  Registration was quick and simple and we easily posted two jobs on the site.   We specified what we were looking for (someone with a Working with Children Card, car, license, registered nanny, first aid certificate, etc.) and within days we had so many nannies to choose from.  We had both male and female applicants ranging from uni student age to mature nurses and teachers.  After asking for two references (which nannies were happy to provide contact details for), we settled on a gorgeous Nanny.  She was friendly, professional but most of all, the children took to her so quickly.

Joel and I just went on a simple dinner date but it allowed us to have a really good conversation with each other.  It’s hard to have a deep conversation with kids around and sometimes when we finally hit the couch at night, we just want to do nothing after a hectic day.  But when we do make the time for each other away from the every day busyness of life, it always helps us draw closer, gives us a chance to relax with each other and not only strengthens our relationship, but our relationship with our children.


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