Our Montessori inspired activity bookshelf (two and four year olds)

Today I thought I’d share with you what we currently have on our activity bookshelf.  We have a designated bookshelf for activities in the playroom, with two shelves for each child (the top shelf holds board games and some art supplies).  I try to rotate the activities every month but realistically, it’s more every two months.  I change the trays depending on what I see my kids drawn to and if they don’t touch a particular activity for a long period of time, I swap it out for something that will interest them.

This is what we currently have in our bookshelf…


The top two shelves are for Grace, my four year old, and the bottom two are for Xavier, my two year old.  I must admit, because Grace goes to a Montessori kinder, she does ‘jobs’ from the bookshelf at least twice a day and places the trays/activities back in place after she’s finished with them.  Xavier, on the other hand, is still learning the etiquette and so I often find jobs all over the mat!

Here are their shelves in more detail:


I always have one or two puzzles in the mix and use Pintrest for other ideas (you can follow me here @littlebluelivin for all the ideas I have pinned).  Because the shelf sits in their playroom, they alternate between toys and activities.  Toys, of course, are played with more but I do find it good to have some variety for them and these activities are easily available as they are placed at their height.

This arrangement has worked very well for our family and as they say, keep doing whatever works!


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